The Apart'

Apartment to rent in Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains

Rental Conditions of the Saint Gervais Les Bains'Apartment

This apartment in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is to rent either for the year in "furnished rental", or, by the week, for seasonal and tourist vacancy.

For the apartment annual rent, the selection of the candidates is done on profile, and a first handshake is essential before any firm of a Lease. For this, it is necessary to contact us for an initial appointment, we will make a visit of the apartment together. The apartment must be free of any occupation, to find out if it is available or not, it is also necessary to contact us primary.

For the seasonal rentals, we use the homelidays website to manage reservations and availability. Please click on the "Calendar" button to access to the online booking platform. The prices of seasonal rentals depends on the desired week. Please note: if the apartment is rented for the year, then it won't be available for weekly rental (you could contact us to have the information if necessary) !

The annual rental rates are available with a simple ask, the rental rate and monthly charges are presented separately. The weekly rental rates depend on the desired period, so you will find these rates directly on the Homelidays website and, of course, include all electrical and other charges (excluding household waste tax).

The E.P.D. carried out announces a consumption classified as "E" (french diagnostic, carried out in September 2022). Heating is purely electric using firebrick radiators (one in each room). The hot water tank is a thermo-dynamic one and was replaced at the beginning of 2023. The exterior insulation was completely rebuilt in 2017 (walls, gutters, ceilings of the apartment).